OMAZU Smart Plotter

No more unnecessary screen protector stock !
Produce directly with OMAZU Smart Plotter, and install OMAZU 3D FLEX easy without any installation mistakes
With Omazu Smart Plotter
you can produce directly more than 12,000 screen protector models with real-time updates for: Mobile phones, Smart watches, Camera’s, Tablets,
Gaming consoles, etc
We offer a versatile range of own composed materials:
-3D Flex Clear
-3D Flex Matte/ Anti- glare
-Decorative protective films for the backside
-Privacy Films
Our greatest specialization lies in screen protectors for “curved screens”.
Our lead product 3D FLEX offers a full-coverage armored screen protector for curved displays that can be customized for many displays with
an Edge-to-Edge protection function.
and 100% fingerprint scanner compatible function.
Our 3D Flex product cannot be compared with “Hydrogel protector” which is only 100-150 microns thick, easy to tear apart.
and also not to be compared with a glass protector which breaks easily.
Our material is made of innovative scratch “scratch repair” Thermoplastic Polyurethane of approximately 200 microns thick (almost similair
thickness as glass). Originally developed to protect the rotor blades of a helicopter from sand/rain erosion and other external impacts, now our
product offers the ultimate protection against unwanted scratches and minimizes impacts, plus the handy oleophobic top coating allows you to easily
wipe away stains and fingerprints.

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